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Welcome to home-connect, we're a Wirral based company providing telecom & networking solutions for home and small business customers. We're ex-BT with 20 years experience in business grade networking as well as broadband development & deployment. We cover everything from CCTV installation, locating telephone and broadband faults, fitting new telephone extensions, gigabit network cabling and wireless (wi-fi) solutions. You'll always find us ready to help so if your having issues please call!

Our aim is to offer the best value for money while delivering the highest level of quality and support for your connectivity needs. Community spirit and word of mouth are very important to us, so we will look to minimise the cost to you at every opportunity in the hope you recommend us to others. Our installed products are built to last and our service & support goes well beyond the completion of work we initially do for you.

We're bringing back 'fair & reasonable'! 10 years ago before openreach was formed, BT's call-out charge was £55 and an engineer could open their toolbox and work for up to 10 minutes without incurring a further £50 charge for the first hour (£105 combined). Even back then we BT engineers did everything possible to prevent customers being charged, but as you can imagine things wouldn't stay that way forever...

When openreach was formed, we were told that the our traditional customers, i.e. Mrs.Jones & Mr.Smith would be called the "end-user" and that our "real customers" were now other large companies such as Sky & TalkTalk, it marked the end of good customer service and a generally good relationship between BT engineers and the public. The extra degree of separation between openreach and the public made it easier for them to get away with even higher call out charges.

Combining our most popular fault diagnosis & priority response services in a simple package, we can help you avoid BT/openreach's £130 call-out charge. As many issues can be resolved without extensive work or re-cabling. Our cost effective solutions are aimed to quickly get to the root of any telephone or broadband/internet issue you may be experiencing at only a fraction of the BT cost!

We carry test equipment that can pinpoint faults outside your property, within BT/openreach's network. When this is the case we provide a full test certificate and make ourselves available for the openreach engineer to talk to directly when they later arrive to fix the issue (we're on first name's with most of them in the Wirral/Merseyside area). This insures that they won't be raising any further charges. Even if they should later charge, our certificate and testimony can be used as strong evidence to fight this by being presented to your communications provider and if need be the Independent Communications Ombudsman.

In a hurry? Fast Response 30 service is a rapid reaction call-out service that we can add to our standard visit Even with this addition we're still typically half the cost of BT and will typically beat their response times!

Fast Response 30 includes:
  • rapid reaction call-out, we'll respond within 9 working hours (or a later time to suit for you).
  • same test equipment and methods openreach engineers use to diagnose faults (we're ex-BT).
  • up to 30 minutes work onsite to resolve telephone/internet and any further work will be done with your agreement  under quotation.
fault's outside the property in openreach's network:
  • we'll provide a full engineering report/certificate, usable as evidence (delivered within 24hrs of the initial visit).
  • our direct contact number, so that the openreach engineer can liaise with us.

Many people use our call-out service just for the insurance aspect alone. openreach have been known to charge for visits even when the issue was outside the customers property. Since evidence is effectively removed/destroyed when they finish a repair, a claim can be very difficult to prove when charges later need to be challenged. 

Simply put, whether you rent your line from Sky, TalkTalk, BT or any other communications provider that uses BT's telephone lines to deliver service, they will still typically use BT/Openreach engineers to check telephone or broadband faults. Should Openreach decide the fault is at your end, a minimum charge of £130 would typically be applied and more if they carry out any actual work ... the following quote is from a recent This is Money article but please click on the link and read it in full.

"The 55-year-old train driver from Oxford rents the phone from BT — and told them so. An engineer arrived days later and took five minutes to replace part of the phone, but Mr Luland then discovered he could no longer make outgoing calls. He contacted BT again, and they sent a new phone.

Then in March he received a bill for £129.99. He protested, but BT insisted he must pay up.  ‘It’s a ridiculous state of affairs,’ said Mr Luland. ‘Why should I pay BT for a five-minute job to sort out their own equipment, and the engineer couldn’t even do that properly." Click here for the full story!

If you have telephone or broadband issues and are unsure of what to do, why not Call us? we're happy to help!


Give our self-help guides below a try, could save you over £130 in openreach call-outs! These guides are designed to help you assess the fault yourself at your own leisure. If you need our help we can also arrange a free visit on a non-urgent basis.

If you determine that the cause of your fault is in your property and would like to call us for a repair quote or further advice then please feel free. See our other products on our solutions page for services and products we offer.

Like all responsible tradespeople we prefer to give our quotes in person after first seeing the job, but as a guide we aim to be less then 1/2 the price of BT for like for like work and offer solutions they don't!

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Currently there is an 8 minute long BBC Watchdog episode on Youtube regarding Openreach charges with witness testimony which can give an insight into the kinds of things you may be charged for, well worth watching to get an idea of what you may be up against.

Remember, we're here to help so feel free to call!